The Worst Band in the World SP

by Cinemon

Averaged and tamed I'm coming out I'd like to make a statement but I went blank I really wonder if that's the price Of safeness of self-pity that's creeping out of me I'm broken in tamed and ashamed That's how you shake off the weight in exhale I really wonder what it is like To live in the world where lastest Becomes the last You come and save me 'cause I won't I am the worst man in the world Been back and forth Still on the road Band of the worst men in the world Bold like a thief tricking the noose Ain't of the weak to be cuffed by your rules I really wonder if you're a ruse Melodramatic fool still on the loose


Digital version of 2019 Cinemon SP containing two tracks. As of June 2019, only the first track "The Worst Band in the World" is available.


released June 27, 2019

Cinemon is:
Michał Wójcik - guitars, vocals
Kuba Pałka - drums, vocals
Tomek Bysiewicz - bass

Mysic by Cinemon
Lyrics by Michał Wójcik
Recording/mising by Michał Wójcik
Mastering by Paweł Ładniak
Video by Nikodem Dybiński (Woda & Olej)




Cinemon Kraków, Poland

The trio formed in 2006 in Cracow, Poland, playing their ways through several hundred gigs in seven countries and seven albums. They say they play RAW POP which is just another name for simple rock’n’roll songs – just too noisy to be pop and too easy-listening to be underground.
They’re a tasty blend of 70’s, 90’s and contemporary alternative. And hey, they do sound a bit like themselves, too!
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